Gilby provides a detailed account of the UK’s corrupting impact on the international arms trade…provides a startling account of corruption in one of Britain’s biggest arms deals…meticulously detailed.

Paul Holtom, Deputy Director, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University. See the full review in the academic journal Diplomacy & Statecraft (Vol 27, No.1, 2016, pp. 195-196) here.


If you want to understand the unbreakable link between the British arms industry and corruption, you should read Nicholas Gilby’s Deception in High Places, published last year.

Solomon Hughes, The Morning Star. See the full review here.


well-written, easy-to-read…providing a comprehensive history of corruption in the British arms trade since the 1960s…Gilby has done sterling research

Ian Pocock, Peace News.  See the full review here.


very good: clearly written, massively documented…What can be safely said is impressive enough. I was surprised by how much could be found out given a tenacious researcher and a couple of dead participants in the trade who left revealing documents

Robin Ramsay, Editor, Lobster Magazine. See the full review here.


the cut-and-thrust of arms deals makes for exciting, if distasteful, reading…Gilby’s book is a much-needed historical briefing of what has gone on

Alastair Sloan, Middle East Monitor.  See the full review here.


a flavor of Le Carre – except it is better because it’s true…Whether as the best history of corruption and bribery, or as a book with general value for anyone interested in British death-dealing, Deception in High Places is essential reading. I can’t recommended it more highly

– Joe Glenton, Contributing Editor, Souciant.  See the full review here.


Heroically dogged…assiduously unveils past sins with contemporary consequences – not least our continuing and largely acquiescent relationship with Saudi Arabia and the BAE al-Yamamah arms contract

Michael Hodges, New Statesman, author of AK-47: the Story of the People’s Gun.  See the full review here.


A remarkable book that exposes the trickery, humbug, buck-passing, and cover-ups, by successive British governments as they turned a blind eye, and even encouraged, the payment of bribes to secure British arms contracts, notably with Saudi Arabia, and Iran under the Shah.

Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, author of Knee Deep in Dishonour: Scott Report and Its Aftermath.  See the full review here.


This book offers a devastating portrait of the UK government’s complicity in arms deal corruption over many decades. This superbly researched must-read account allows the facts to speak for themselves. Nicholas Gilby has performed a valuable service for all of those who wish their government to enforce the law, including in relation to international corruption and human rights.

Andrew Feinstein, author of The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade and founding Director of Corruption Watch UK


Drawing on a wealth of official documents, Gilby lays bare the subterranean realities of Britain’s arms trade and its corrosive impact on the wider political culture. This is a hugely impressive piece of historical research and a fascinating story.

Professor Mark Phythian, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Leicester, author of The Politics of British Arms Sales Since 1964


A rich history of a rotten business. Gilby’s meticulous research shows us just how corruption in the arms trade, sustaining some of the world’s most oppressive regimes, festered and grew. And after half a century of complicity and cover-up by the British government, his findings pose the most urgent question of all: why is it still allowed to go on?

Richard Brooks, Private Eye, author of The Great Tax Robbery: How Britain Became a Tax Haven for Fat Cats and Big Business


For a book on a decade-spanning, convoluted subject, Deception in High Places puts its point across quite directly…The swift punch of a concluding chapter sums up reams of shady cases from the history of the modern arms trade

Nicole MorrisThe Spokesman 128

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